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Sviyazhsk island

                                                         Sviyazhsk tour

     This is one day tour. The island Grad Sviyajsk is located on the Volga River in 30 km far from Kazan. It is better to reach in summertime on water here. It is pleasant to enjoy the colourful nature of Russia along the Volga River. Let me acquaint you with history of Grad Sviyazhsk.

    In 1550 Ivan the Terrible, returning after an unsuccessful campaign to Kazan, paid attention to exclusively profitable location of "The high mountain" and decided to base the fortress, military base, for a gain of Kazan here. On May 24, 1551 laying of the city took place and in one month the construction of new fortress which received the name "Novograda the Sviyaga" was finished. Great value of boundary Sviyaga fortress as military base, it was determined in case of a siege Kazan in 1552. After accession of all Volga region to the Russian state, Sviyazhsk purchased great economic and political value. By 1775 Sviyazhsk in administrative value becomes the district city and receives the special coat of arms: fortress, about it the river, in water floating fishes. Here you will get acquainted with life of the 15th century. You will take a look to Christian temples and monasteries.


                                                        The island Grad Sviyazhsk panoram


                                                             Christian temple XV century


                                                            Christian Temple Inside view


                                                         Christian man monastery XV century


                                                           Christian monastery inside view


                                                        The island Grad Sviyazhsk old picture


                                                     The island Grad Sviyazhsk armoury