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What to do in Kazan?

There are so many things to do to in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia). We`d loke you to offer you some of the most interesting activites. 

                                                           Tatar delicious food testing

   Tatar national cuisine is very different and very taste! Tour includes visiting few medium price national restaurants and cafes.

             delicious cusine

                                                           National sweet food for a tea

             tatar pirogi

                                                                    Tatar national pies

             food tatar

                                              Tatar national dishes with meet and tatar snacks


                                      Another intersting tour is crafts of ancient khan Kazan

 This tour will open to you ancient life of usual Kazan citizens. Full immersion in life of our ancestors is very interesting and informative! It`s a great opportunity to visit old tatar village and to know how it was many years ago!

             agricultural craft

                                                             Ancient tatars agricultural craft


                                                                          Pottery craft


                                                                     Tatars smith craft


                                                                 Old Kazan Gun Yard

              gun yard

                                                                         Ancient warriors

              пушечный двор

                                                              Gun Yard exposition

              crafts of khan Kazan

                                      Exhibition of Tatars ancient military clothes and weapon