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Where to go in Kazan?

      Kazan is a unique city with a millennial history. In Kazan there is a large number of different beautiful historical architectural buildings as well as parks, cultural institutions, museums and shopping centers and just beautiful places. Frankly speaking there are so many sights in Kazan that I confused to suggest something one! Here you can see the most popular Kazan city sights!

                                                                     Kazan Kremlin


                                             The Kazan Kremlin is the chief historical citadel of Tatarstan

                                                                     Kol-Sharif Mosque



                Kol-Sharif mosque is considered to be one of the most important symbols of Tatar aspirations


                                                     Tower Syuyumbike


                   Syuyumbike tower is not only the symbol of Kazan.Tower produces unusually strong                                                          impression of harmony and aspiration to the sky, the proportionality of parts


                                             Kazanka river quay and Agricultural Palace

                 Kazanka river quay and agricultural palace


 In summer time there are bysicle and roller lanes along the river. In winter it`s the largest European skating rink

                                                      Wedding Palace

             wedding palace

                                              Tatarstan people are the symbol of a strong family